Hula Hoop

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Introducing a fun way to exercise! Made with durable plastic that doesn't bend easily and also doesn't hurt your body after using for a extended periods, the Refresh Sports Hula Hoop makes a great gift for both girls and boys of all ages. You can even use them as party favors since they are easy to assemble using our easy snap-in design. Promote more time outside getting fresh air and less time around the screens with a brand new Hula Hoop from Refresh Sports!


Made of durable lightweight ABS plastic. 100% Safe Non-Toxic. ASTM Tested and Certified, unlike other hula hoops on the market which are very fragile and easily crushed. The Hula hoop sections come in bright colors that can be rearranged on the hoop however you like! The hula hoop is put together easily without any risk of pinching within a matter of seconds. Rearrange the colors however you like!


Hooping is a time worn exercise and game for all ages of both girls and boys. It stimulates core muscles and helps with weight loss since It's soo easy to learn. You can even play with friends to see who can keep the hoop up the longest! Hooping is an activity ad workout that you can do around the house with family or even at the park with friends. You can also include your pets in the fun, set them up as an obstacle course for your dog and train them to do cool tricks!


Rated as one of the top weight loss toys for kids, the hula hoop is a perfect way to promote more time outside getting active and less time on screens. That is our mission here at refresh, creating products that promote more healthy time outside and less time at the computer or TV. Click "Buy Now" or "Add To Cart" and join the fight against screen time with a Refresh Sports Hula Hoop.