Foam Dartz Catch Game Paddles

Minimum Recommended Age: 5+ years

Collections: Active Fun!, Catch Games, Group Fun, Refresh Sports, Soft Toys, Toys

Product type: Toys

Vendor: Refresh Sports

Tags: catch game, soft toy, Toys




Introducing a fun and exciting toy from Refresh Sports, our toss and catch foam rocket darts! Comes with two catchers and two foam rockets, meaning both players can throw darts and catch them at the same time! The darts are soft and safe for all ages of children and even make a great party game for adults. Using a new suction technology, they stick to the catcher's surface without any trouble and can be used outside in the yard or even inside.


Are you looking for a birthday and Christmas gift or even a party favor? This fun toy makes a great beach and pool game for all ages of both girls and boys. You can easily pack it in your duffle bag or suitcase to take on your travels since it's soo light! You can also use it at family gatherings for fun mini-games and competitions that the whole family will enjoy!


With our Refresh guarantee, you never have to worry about faulty parts or mediocre construction. Our foam darts and catcher game is crafted from high-quality foam and plastic material that has gone through an extensive inspection process. We are a North American brand and we believe in offering toys that last for as long as you want to have fun. That can be a long time.