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Studies Prove Pickleball can Help You Live Longer!

Studies Prove Pickleball can Help You Live Longer!

What would you do with an extra 5 years? 10 years? 

If you could increase your odds of living a longer and healthier life.....why wouldn't you? 

Well, I hope your answer is yes! Because the solution is Pickleball!!

We all have been told that exercise can reduce our probability of certain diseases, but many of us find it difficult to make time for the gym, to go jogging, or ride a stationary bike, when the rest of life seems to get in the way. Pickleball is the solution to find the best of both worlds. The social atmosphere is wonderful, and it will give you a chance to get your heart rate up! 

Why should you care?

Recent studies from LiveScience show physically active participants were 20% less likely to die over a 14-year period than those who did not do any physical activity. (The recommendations say to do 150 minutes of moderate activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.)

If you're using a 50 minute average match time for games, that is just 3 Pickleball games per week. Whether they happen on the weekend, early mornings, evenings, or during the day for retired folks, anyone can make time for that! So what objections might you try using?


You don't know the rules? 

The rules are simple. There is even a video to explain it to you:



You don't have equipment? 

Many clubs have paddles and balls you can use to practice and learn the game. Or if you want to bring your own, remember Amazon has a 100% satisfaction 30-day return policy. That's as low risk as it gets. 

Amazon - Sabu Sports Pickleball Paddles


Don't know where to play?

The USAPA put a very helpful guide together for finding a court near you!



Now, is there anything else stopping you?

Email us at info@sabusports.com if you ever have questions about Pickleball or our products. 

It's our goal to help the sport grow and to help folks like you enjoy this amazing game!!

Sabu Sports



People with medical conditions, older adults or those who have not previously engaged in vigorous activity should speak with a doctor before beginning any exercise program





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  • Al Fried

    50 minutes per game?? I would fall asleep at that pace.

  • Pert Garraway

    There are 2 apps for finding places to play. One is called PBFinder and the other is Places2Play. I imagine their info cones from the USAPA site but the apps are easy to use.

  • Linda Michael

    Previous message incorrect auto correct… very organized here.

  • Linda Michael

    Is there a list of all Pickleball courts and phone numbers for Louisville,Ky? It doesn’t seem very organic zed here.

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